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Do you see varicose or spider veins on your legs?

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You can be PAIN FREE in 20 minutes with one simple minimally invasive treatment.

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    Venaseal™ closure system

    Venaseal™ closure system

    VenaSeal™ is the latest minimally invasive treatment available for patients suffering from vein disease. It is the first vein treatment of its kind that treats varicose veins of the legs by sealing the affected veins using a medical adhesive.


    your VenaSeal™ procedure will take place in the comfort of our office setting.


    the entire procedure is usually completed in just 20 minutes.


    with a success rate of 98%.


    requires only a single injection of local anesthetic.


    so you can resume your normal activities immediately.

    No Wait Time

    doesn’t require a trial of compression stockings prior to the procedure.

    Board certified surgeons

    The Board Certified Vascular Surgeons of Desert Vein and Vascular Specialists are committed to your long-term well-being. They are licensed and trusted medical professionals servicing local area hospitals and medical centers dedicated to providing high quality, prompt, comprehensive, personalized, and proven vein care so you can return to a better quality of life.

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